Geary Park Wading Pool to Re-open

Members of our association have been in discussion with Councillor Palacio’s office regarding increasing access to the splash pad at Geary Park (Geary between Dovercourt and Ossington). Periodically over the last few years, the City had decided to close this wading pool due to perceived low usage. However, as residents, we noted that the hours of operation (once a week, on Saturday) were inconvenient and the facility was not always open as it should have been. We have recently heard from Councillor Palacio’s office that the wading pool will re-open this year, starting June 30 and we’ve been invited to discuss the logistics/hours with City Parks and the Councillor’s office.

Compared to other neighbourhood parks, such as Hillcrest, Vermont Square and Mount Royal Parkette, we feel that the City has been disinvesting in Geary Park. It has broken fences and benches, rusty slides, a dismembered beach volleyball court, and is a frequent location for dumping. As our neighbourhood changes, with many more first-time homebuyers and young families moving here, we would like to work on improving this vital facility.

In the past, DNA Toronto has organized successful Earth Day cleanups and community gardening days in the parks along Geary.

What are your thoughts and ideas for improving the longer term infrastructure of Geary Park? Let us know if you’re interested in getting involved.


About Mary C.

I'm a resident and one of the organizers of the Davenport Neighbourhood Association.
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